Interviewing the Candidate
The Candidate
Since each individual - and each interview -is different.
These points should serve only as basic guidelines, not as inflexible rules.
Meeting the Candidate
At the outset, act friendly, but avoid prolonged small talk - interviewing time costs money.
- Introduce yourself by using your name and title.
- Mention casually that you will make notes. (You don't mind if I make notes, do you?)
- Assure candidate that all information will be treated in confidence.
- Ask questions in a conversational tone. Make them concise and dear.
- Avoid loaded and negative questions. Ask open-ended questions which will force complete
answers: "Why do you say that?" (who, what, when, where and how?)
- Don't ask direct questions that can be answered, "yes or no.
The Interview
You will find two columns of questions. The left hand column contains questions to ask yourself about the candidate The right hand column suggests questions to ask the candidate. During the interview it is suggested you continually ask yourself what is this person telling me about himself/herself? What kind of person is he/she? In other parts of the interview, you can cover education, previous experience, and other matters relating to specific qualifications.
- Attempt to determine the candidate's goals.
- Try to draw' the candidate out and allow him/her to talk.
- Don't sell--interview.
- Try to avoid snap judgments.
- Don’t Miss the Real Prospective Candidate cause budget , outward appearance, a trivial matter …
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